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Launch of the new Travel Wet Bag Duo Pack

Tutti Bimbi

wet bag duo pack

It's been a busy time at Tutti Bimbi.  After several months of researching and testing, the new Travel Wet Bag Duo Pack has arrived and is available on  

Why a Wet Bag?

The idea for the bag actually came from potty training my daughter, and dealing with the seemingly constant accidents - which always seemed to be when we were out!  I needed to be organized - have SEVERAL spare sets of clothes and also a place to put the soiled clothes.  So the idea of the wet bag began, and although I did not cloth-diaper my children, I have realized how essential it is now and why didn't I get one sooner!!!

High Quality

However most bags on the market are made with PUL fabric and not double lined.  PUL fabric is ok as it is softer than PEVA but the seams leak really badly and it is not so robust.  So when designing the Tutti Bimbi bag we made sure it was lined in PEVA - much stronger, totally waterproof and enabling heat-sealed waterproof seams too.  This also meant we could have a more fashionable classic design on the outside - so it goes with everything and parents can use the bag long after the children are grown up.

The two sizes are brilliant as you don't always want to be lugging masses of stuff around with you.  When you just need to nip out, but still need the back-up of spare clothes etc, the little Travel Wet Bag is perfect as it takes up little space, contains everything and can clip to the buggy or go in your handbag.  The larger bag can hold much more and can either stay at home or is especially useful when packing for holidays.

Since I started testing this product out, I have found endless uses for it and now it goes with me everywhere.  To the beach, swimming, out to restaurants, on holiday.... I hope you will love them too!

Take care,

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