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4 Ways to Include Your Baby in Thanksgiving

Weaning to Solids

It’s always enjoyable to make a big deal out of holidays when you have kids. Especially Thanksgiving, a holiday that revolves around family and being grateful for everything we have. In our house, every holiday we jump at the chance to do related baking, arts & crafts, dressing up etc. So here’s a few ideas for ways that you can make the most out of Thanksgiving with your little ones.  See some more great ideas on our Pintrest Board for Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Cards

This is a great opportunity to get messy with paint! Buy a set of blank cards and get creative. One good idea we’ve used before is making a turkey out of hand and feet paint prints then drawing on eyes and a beak. These are really cute, family will love them and they're really nice keepsakes.


Play Dress Up

Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed as a turkey? There isn’t, and there’s so many good ideas out there that it’s going to be hard to choose a thanksgiving outfit for your little sweetheart. Online and in stores there’s an abundance of turkey covered baby grows, dresses and hats if you’re going to buy it. If you want to home make something for your little one to wear, then you could try knitting a turkey shaped woolly hat or personalize a ‘my first thanksgiving’ bib.


Thanksgiving Photography

Last year I saw some really cool home ‘photoshoots’ where people had created Autumnal settings then plonked in their little cutie dressed up a pilgrim or a turkey and it really made for a great picture! It’s something you can put onto a card, send as an e-card or share among your friends over the internet to spread the festive mood! Please note: your child probably won’t thank you for this when they’re older...


Special Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, then you’re probably already stressed thinking about cooking for everyone. Then even more stressed when you realized that on top of the dinner, you’ve got to make something especially for your baby. Don’t fear! It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can give them the same things you are cooking for everybody else - just in a baby friendly form! A lot of people I know like to just purée the same meal as the family so that their little one is more involved and gets to enjoy all the various wonderful tastes of a Thanksgiving dinner. You can then use your Tutti Bimbi Baby Food Freezer Tray to purée the leftovers and make a yummy meal.  We’ve also added a recipe on our Recipe Hub that you can make for baby using things that are already on your shopping list.

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