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5 Great Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas!

Ideas for Kids

So, this Christmas is going to be much more special than any that you’ve had in the past, because you’ve got a new little person to introduce to the magical festivities! Although your baby won’t remember any of it, most parents will want to make their little one’s first Christmas special. You’ve made cards with their faces on it, baubles with their name on it and planned a tot-friendly Christmas dinner for the big day - but what should you buy your baby for their first Christmas?  Of course there’s thousands of age-appropriate toys out there, but here’s a quick list of special and unique gifts for your little munchkin.


1. Classic ‘Forever’ Books- Winnie the Pooh: The Complete Collection







When it comes to children’s books, Winnie the Pooh is always going to be up there with the best. I remember, my parents remember it, and even my grandparents remember it. I definitely want my children to be able to remember it, too. They’re the kind of stories that you can pass through every generation, and beam with nostalgia every time you read one!
Pooh’s Library Available on Amazon

2. Cute Outfits!

Pre-toddler years are perfect for buying your kids cute outfits as gifts. It’s the time to take advantage of that babies actually enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gift, and you won’t see a look of disappointment on his or her face when they open a jumper instead of toys!
H&M is one of my favorite stores to buy sweet little outfits without breaking the bank:

3. Baby’s First Sofa

If your little one is starting to sit up on their own, then it might be time to get them their own snuggly chair for the living area. Think, when you’re all cozying up to watch a Christmas movie, your little one can get all snug in their blanket on a perfect child-sized arm chair.
I absolutely love this one from pottery barn, it can be used from just-sitting-up age right through to they’re 5 or 6:

4. First Blocks

From 5 or 6 months old, babies will start gaining more interest in toys and how to use them properly. Keep it simple, but you will want to find something that they will be learning skills from.
Baby’s First Blocks from Toys’R’Us re perfect- they’re simple and easy for little babies to use:

 5. A Forever Bear

Most kids have that teddy that they’ve had since they were tiny babies that they will keep forever. I’d love my kids to have a bear that they can appreciate forever and always have nostalgic memories of.
I love this classic Henry Bear from FAO Schwarz:

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