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Tutti Bimbi: The Story So Far

Tutti Bimbi

How Tutti Bimbi began from one mum's desire to work from home and be with her kids...

What do you do when you have kids, you want to work, but you don't want to leave your kids?  Answer: work from home.  But working from home is a minefield of scams and get-rich-quick schemes thatseem mind boggling and quite frankly, terrifying.   So I thought it best to start with something I knew and loved: kids and babies.  I knew the only way to do it properly was to try and start a new business, hence Tutti Bimbi was born.  I wanted to be able to start a business from home whilst being there for my family, and so far (although a few hiccups along the way!) I am managing.

I'm from the  UK and work with other UK mums, but live in Italy, so the Italian flair had to come in with the name:  Tutti Bimbi means 'everything babies'.   So I knew I wanted to work with baby products and I knew that I wanted to start a company that followed my own and millions of other mothers ethics in helping to be healthy.  The product had to be something I wished I had with my kids and especially be safe and high quality items that make being a parent that bit easier. So after a lot of talking to other mums and searching I finally found the perfect product, and in the Summer 2014 with the help of some other mums, we launched.

Finding the right product

Running with the theme of organic and quirky, we released our flagship product with the aim of revolutionizing meal times - a Baby Food Freezer Tray. The specialist tray is designed to make it easier for parents to make nutritious, homemade meals for their babies by the batch to store for simple meal times. With a lot of competition out there for weaning products, we wanted to offer the best to parents, having something that meets more of their requirements than just plastic jars and tupperware boxes. The Baby Food Freezer Tray is made from a clever silicone that is shatter proof and doesn’t hold any stains, scuffs of bad smells. The FDA-approved food-grade silicone is ultra baby friendly, as it’s bacteria resistant and BpA, toxin and Phthalates free to prevent chemicals leaking into food. The cute and colourful food tray was made especially to be non-stick and flexible, as well as being suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Another huge part of launching a made-for-mothers company was making sure that customers felt valued and like part of the family. We want to be a go-to for parents; for a good deal, for quality products, and even for joining a community of other mums via the Tutti Bimbi blog.  Customers are offered various deals and promotions almost always throughout the year- such as discounts for repeat buyers and free shipping.

It's just the beginning...

Since the launch of the Baby Food Freezer Tray, business for Tutti Bimbi has been booming. The product has been extremely successful, more so than I'd ever expected it to be. Many customers have requested to see more from Tutti Bimbi, due to the quality and reliability of both the product and service. So, we are now planning an expansion on the line of baby products and will soon be revealing their next feeding-related item that will be available on Amazon.

What do you think?

What new products would you like to see available from Tutti Bimbi? Or is there something you think could make feeding times even easier for you that isn’t yet on the market? We are keen to hear from customers in order to develop a line of products that you love, so please comment below if there’s anything you’d like Tutti Bimbi to introduce in the future.

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