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Why is it best to use reusable baby cloth wipes instead of disposable ones?

Safety for Babies

As a mother I like to have options when it comes to products for my baby. I love to personally try and test what is most convenient, valuable for money and, of course, what’s best for my little one. But, when it comes to wipes I, like the majority of mothers, automatically started buying different types of disposable wipes without even thinking about the other options available. This was until a friend recommended bamboo reusable baby wipes, she loved them and had been using them for all three of her children, so I thought I ought to give them a whirl and I haven’t looked back since- and here’s why.


Kinder to sensitive skin

As well as a baby’s natural sensitivity, my daughters are prone to sensitive skin and eczema. So when I was using disposable wipes, I think I must have tried every brand under the sun! Even the ones that claimed they were purer and had almost no chemicals can dry out or cause sore, itchy rashes on a baby’s delicate skin. But when it comes to the reusable washcloths, you don’t have to use any chemicals whatsoever. I often only soak the cloth in warm water before using it, but sometimes I add a small drop of essential oil - either way, I have peace of mind by what is being used on my children. Especially the washcloths made from 100% bamboo, as the fibers have an antimicrobial function and are naturally hypoallergenic. After a week I already saw a difference in redness and dry skin on my daughters faces, and I am rarely ever using nappy rash cream so their bottoms are much happier!

Much more mess-proof!

During my disposable phase, at feeding times I was using at least 5 or 6 wipes per child. Even the larger sized disposable wipes couldn’t hold the mess my kids make! And bum-changing time was even worse, (I guess what’s inside nappies makes me much more squeamish!) and I would be using so many wipes making sure their bottoms were fresh and squeaky clean. However, my reusable washcloths are much more sustainable to my messy children. Feeding times I can just use the one cloth, and re-soak it in warm water between each child, it’s fantastic. They are much more absorbent and the size makes them much more flexible for wriggly faces and bottoms. 

Easy on the wallet

I was quite devastated when I took out a calculator and totted up how much I spend a month on baby wipes. I realized that I never go shopping without buying at least 4 new packs. That’s a lot of money on something I only use once! Since I started using reusable wipes, I’ve only ever spent once. Ok, the prices of them can seem steep at first glance, but the beauty of reusable wipes is that you won’t need to buy more anytime soon. I picked up two packs of 6 high quality, machine washable bamboo washcloths about 1 month ago and I’m still impressed. 

Kind to the Earth, not just babies!

There’s no denying that disposable wipes are extremely convenient. They’re quick and easy to use, and you can throw the mess away- never to be seen again. But the wipes alone must have a big impact on the environment, not to mention their packaging. Taking the Earth into consideration, there’s no comparison between disposable wipes and reusable washcloths. Of course, the ‘reusable’ element makes a great difference- why use 300 wipes when you can use just one washcloth? What makes an even bigger difference is your choice of cloth and how it’s made. I love the cloths that are made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo naturally grows quickly and in great mass, without nasty pesticides or fertilizers, so it’s a really sustainable, eco-friendly source for fabric.


If you’re currently using disposable baby wipes and not sure if this is the right choice, I would definitely recommend trying reusable washcloths. They make tiresome meal times and messy nappy changes a much simpler task, which I feel makes the experience much more enjoyable as a mother. I am currently using Tutti Bimbi’s 100% Organic Bamboo Reusable Washcloth Baby Wipes. They’re naturally incredibly soft of delicate skin as well as being naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic & antifungal.


100% Organic Bamboo Reusable Washcloth Baby Wipes can be found on the Amazon Shop section of the Tutti Bimbi Website.

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