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5 Dangerous Chemicals to Look Out For in Baby Products

Safety for Babies

When preparing for the arrival of a new baby, most parents will be so busy arranging a cosy but safe environment for their new little bundle that they can overlook some important details when it comes to baby safety. For example, soft and gentle clothing and antibacterial baby products are often created with the use of some nasty chemicals. But when baby products are available by the thousand, how do you find healthy products that avoid bad chemicals? Here are five ingredients we like to avoid using on our little ones.

1.Propylene Glycol in baby wipes...

Propylene Glycol is a type of liquid alcohol that’s used as a solvent in anti-freeze… and also in food, plastic and perfume agencies. So if the baby product is ‘fragranced’ it’s highly probable that it has Propylene Glycol as an ingredient. You’re likely to find it in baby wipes, creams, shampoo and conditioners & washes. It’s usually at a low concentration and isn’t seriously damaging or dangerous, but it’s allergenic and irritation properties can cause sores and rashes that you will definitely want to avoid for your baby’s safety.

2. Phthalates in plastic baby products

These are chemical plasticizers that were created to soften plastics and make them able to bend without cracking. The process does not chemically bind phthalates into the plastic, so they are released continuously with every use into food or liquid- for example, old plastic that’s gone hard over time? This is because the phthalates have eventually completely leaked off of the plastic. They can be inhaled through breathing, absorbed through skin and ingested through food from the plastic containers or when your baby bites and sucks on the baby product. There are many kinds of phthalates but on labels you can recognize the most common ones; DBP, DNOP, DiNP, DEP, BBzP, DEHP, DiDP, DnHP, DMP, DnOP and BPA.

3. TEA (Triethanolamine) in plastic baby products

TEA is an unnecessary strong alkaline chemical that is used as a surfactant (the compounds that lower the surface tension between liquid and a solid, or between two liquids) and pH adjuster. The TEA chemical has been linked to organ system toxicity as well as infertility and is very irritating for skin. Worst of all, it can be contaminated with 1,4-Dioxane which is a carcinogen compound that is irritating for the eyes & respiratory tract, and exposure to it can cause damage to the central nervous system, kidneys and liver.

4. Triclosan in antibacterial baby products

Most products and baby products that are labeled antibacterial are unfortunately likely to contain Triclosan. Triclosan is also a carcinogenic that disrupts the body’s endocrine system as well as being extremely harmful for the environment. Although a sterile environment is needed for baby safety, antibacterial products can cause more harm than good, as babies should be able to create natural resistance and immunity. Therefore, naturally antibacterial ingredients are a much safer option to give you peace of mind.

5. Mineral Oil in baby skin care products

Mineral oil is a cheap and nasty by-product of petroleum processing, and can suffocate the skin. This prevents the skin’s natural ability to release toxins. As most would agree anyway, baby oil is kind of dated and old-fashioned. Essentially, baby oil is just mineral oil and fragrance, a nasty mix for both adults and babies. Again, try out natural oils like coconut or olive oil.


Be Baby Safety Conscious

I know by now you might think that baby product retailers would know how delicate and sensitive babies are, but as long as parents are buying before reading, a lot of them don’t care. Many “organic” or “sensitive” items aren’t what you think they are and cause rashes and irritation, or use these bad chemicals to create desired attributes in products. Make sure you read the labels, and ensure that you are avoiding these 5 very common chemicals in your baby’s products as well as your own.


Best for Your Baby Products

Tutti Bimbi’s products are natural & organic creations for your little ones, and aren’t made with these five nasty chemicals, or any other nasty chemicals for that matter Our Baby Food Freezer Tray, unlike many other plastic storage trays, is made from an FDA approved food-grade silicone- so it’s bendy and flexible for popping out your baby food without the chance of harmful chemicals seeping in there. Our Tutti Bimbi reusable washcloth baby wipes are naturally gentle, absorbent and, quite fantastically, naturally antibacterial. This is because they’re 100% created from organic and sustainable bamboo!

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