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5 Essential Things To Take When Out & About With Baby

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Any parent can empathize that preparing to leave the house with a baby is like preparing for the apocalypse.

You could end up packing your baby’s whole bedroom and bathroom if you thought about it for too long- in fact I know a lot of moms who would! They’ll be unloading the bag when you’re out for dinner, and everything but their kitchen sink is on the table before they find what they were looking for.

To master the art of having a pre-packed essentials diaper bag for going out and about with your baby, you must decide what really is an essential and what isn’t. But here is a good place to start!

1. Diapers & diaper sacks for your diaper bag

An obvious choice.

Without taking the whole 100 piece pack of diapers, I would recommend having AT LEAST five nappies pre-packed in your diaper bag.

If you know how long you’re going to be out of the house most moms say to take one diaper for each hour you’ll be out and at least two back ups. And, of course, used nappies call for nappy sacks to discretely dispose of all that grossness.

2. Baby Wipes- Reusable And Disposable

Dirty bums, grubby hands and food-smothered faces… you’re definitely going to need some baby wipes.

I carry 3 or 4 of Tutti Bimbi’s reusable wipes with me with a little bottle of chamomile oil for convenient messiness in restaurants etc. as I can pop them in a nappy bag when they’re dirty and take care of them later.

I also carry pack of sensitive disposable wipes for the less convenient messy moments- but I do try to avoid using disposables on my little ones gentle skin.

And you know for sure you’ll need to be wiping your own hands. And face. And clothes.

3. Be prepared with spare clothes

Babies aren’t overly worried about their fashion sense, so you don’t have to take coordinated back-up outfits in your diaper bag. Just take a replacement bodysuit, top, trousers and socks.

You never know when your little cutie is going to bring their lunch back up all over themselves, or when their diaper just won’t do its job.

As long as they’re warm and dry (and not covered in poo) then they’re good to go!

4. A bib for baby feeding time

When they’re hungry, they’re hungry.

And that usually means there will be mess.

Avoid the use of those spare clothes (and even more washing, ugh) by taking a bib. If it’s a plastic or rubber one it can be wiped clean easier (a la baby wipes), but a regular bib can be popped into a nappy sack and dealt with later.

5. Ready-to-use bottles and/or stored baby food

Obviously, these can’t be ‘pre-packed’, so you will have to prepare them or take them from the fridge as you leave the house.

But in the event you’re back later than expected, or don’t have the time or means to prepare while you’re out, you should be armed with a small bottle of water and a bottle of ready mixed milk. If your little one has begun weaning, then perhaps take a few snacks. I often take tubs of ready homemade meals (cooked then chilled/frozen via my favorite baby food storage tray from Tutti Bimbi) in a cooler or just in a storage pots depending on what it is.

You do not want to deal with hangry (hungry-angry) baby. And God forbid that you mess up their daily routine! 

Of course, your baby diaper bag will be jam packed with hundreds of other things you need everyday

As well as hundreds of other baby things you will never ever need in your diaper bag

We're all as bad as each other. There will be an abundance of other ‘necessities’ thrown in your diaper bag. But if you have these prepared as a bare minimum it means you can leave the house quickly in an emergency, and semi-quickly in non emergencies

OK, semi-quickly never happens when you have kids, but it’s nice to be organized!

Try out my favorite products for building my essentials bag

I've mentioned a couple of my favorite products in this post, so if you'd like to try out either of Tutti Bimbi's Baby Food Freezer Storage Tray or 100% Organic Reusable Baby Wash Cloth Wipes, head over to the 'Shop' sections on the Tutti Bimbi website

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