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Tutti Bimbi’s Top 10 Tips For Mothers By Mothers

Helping Parents

As a new parent facing tough decisions and day-to-day parenting struggles, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only mother in the world who is having difficulties. But, believe us, all of the other mothers out there are facing the same hardships of parenthood. So when comforting words of support and advice are coming from someone who is experiencing the same exciting, but exhausting journey that you are, it’s much easier to take on board and it definitely lifts a weight off of your shoulders.

Useful Parenting Advice

Every baby is different, as is everyone’s method of parenting, so some things might work for others and not for you. But often, when you have a little one, you hit a brick wall and can’t seem to get through it until someone manages to shed some light. So for all the parents out there who are seeking the best mother-to-mother tips and tricks, we have compiled a list just for you, to help you through those stressful moments!

1. Top Tip for Soothing Your Little One

Jill Wodnick, a mother who also works as a birthing companion and support, suggests rubbing lavender essential oil onto the back of your neck, then wrapping your baby up in a soft blanket and gently bouncing on a fitness ball or on the edge of the bed. The scent and the bouncing are soothing for your baby and doesn’t stiffen your back as much as other bouncing methods. She also suggests heading to the bathroom and running the tap and turning on the fan, as the low droning noises remind a baby of hearing their mother’s heartbeat from your uterus.

2. Trick Your Baby Into Taking Medicine

If you’ve got children you know that trying to force a child into taking a drop of medicine is a torturous process, that usually ends with a stressed out mommy and a little one with medicine in their ears. Emily White from Michigan took this advice from her mom, and has used it with all four of her children! Give your baby a clean medicine dropper of just water every day (from three months onwards, use formula with newborns), so that when it comes around to having to give them medicine, they will take the dropper.

3. Quick Baby Toy Cleaning Tip

No matter what, babies always seem to end up with thousands of toys- even when you swear you won’t buy too many toys that they will be bored of in a months time, you always end up with more than you can cope with. Babies are dribbly, soggy and uncoordinated. And they are sick a lot, too. This equals grubby, dirty toys on a daily basis. Johanna from Ohio, mother to twin toddlers Omi and Ben, says that every couple of days she will put all the plastic toys (with no electronics) into the dishwasher with two cups of white vinegar and they’re clean as a whistle in no time without much effort from busy mommy.

4. Save Precious Sleep Time When Baby Wets Their Cot

Monika Silver, mother of three children under the age of 5, prays for a full night of precious sleep. So, when her midwife from her third born suggested this great tip that has saved her hours of nighttime cleaning, she swore to pass it along to ant other mothers she came across. Take home as many of the waterproof lining pads from the hospital as possible, or purchase some cheap puppy toilet training pads from the supermarket. Then, take a bundle of bed sheets layer the bed with a waterproof pad then put the bed sheet over the top. Do this again on top of that bed sheet until there are 8 to 10 layers. Then when you’re little darling wets through their nappy at 4am, you can just strip the top layer, throw on a clean nappy then head straight back to bed! No fussy cleaning and hunting for new sheets needed.

5. Keep Your Baby Cosy & Warm For A Soothing Sleep

Babies are soothed by the warmth of their mommy and daddy, which is why Lucy Harbridge tried and tested this handy little idea- and it worked like a charm! Before you go to put your little one to bed, pop a heated blanket in their cot on a low heat for 15-20 minutes. Then just as you go to put them in their cot for bedtime, take the heated blanket out. From warm arms to warm bed, this prevents baby waking up from the change in heat, and they stay soothed feeling as if they’re still in mommy’s warm arms. 

6. A Tip To Avoid Fussy Sleepers

We know how delicate babies look when they’re sleeping, and just how much you cherish the time they are napping! But Amy Hoag encourages that you don’t tip toe around your baby when they are asleep. From day one, just go about your normal day-to-day activities while they sleep, so that the slightest noise doesn’t wake them as they grow older. Amy says that she only started acknowledging this with her second child, and while he sleeps through anything, her oldest is woken by the slightest of noises all because she tried so hard not to make noise during naps as a baby. 

7. Cook For The Week For Express Meal Times

When your little one starts eating solids, Jo, creator of Tutti Bimbi and mother of two, recommends preparing for the week. Plan what you are going to cook, and make enough for 4 or 5 days. This is why Jo designed the Baby Food Freezer Tray, to make cooking, storing and reheating baby meals quick, easy and safe. You can just cook up several portions worth of purée, pop it in the freezer or fridge, then reheat at meal times, so that feeding homemade and organic meals to your little one is an easily achievable method. You can shop for the Baby Food Freezer Tray in our Shop Section.

8. Stay In Shape, Even When You Don’t Have Time Away From Your Baby

Want to get back your pre-pregnancy body? Almost impossible with a demanding little nipper needing constant attention! Fear not… Your baby will love your new exercise regime! Emma Blunt in California swears by working out with her little one. She pops her daughter Leah into a body strap baby carrier for going on long walks and exercises like squats, lunges and stairs. For push ups and planks, lay them on their back on a mat on the floor and your arms each side of them, or straddle them on your tummy if they can sit by themselves so that you can do sit ups- both of these make working out a playful game! Also try out mommy and baby yoga classes, which are really fun and good for the both of you!

9. Make The Switch To Reusable!

If you’re currently using disposable nappies and baby wipes, you might be dealing with dry and sore skin on your baby’s sensitive skin, a heavy garbage bag, and you might even be worrying about the impact it’s having on the environment! Ella Randal encourages green parenting for a happier baby bottom and a happier environment. Switching to disposable wipes and diapers that are a gentle and organic material will do wonders for your little one’s gentle skin. Ella recommends Tutti Bimbi’s 100% Bamboo Reusable Baby Wash Cloth Wipes for naturally absorbent and gentle cleaning. 

10. Top Tip For Teething Tinies

Teething is not a great time for your little one. They’re sore and achy and their faces are all red and swollen. But Catherine in Arizona says that popping carrots or celery into the fridge or freezer for an hour then letting your tot gnaw away on them is a lifesaver. Their bite isn’t yet strong enough to bite off any of the actual carrot, but it is just the right texture to relieve the sore gums and gives them a nice, natural sweet taste that they’ll love. 

The truth is with babies, that books can only help you so much. Getting the facts and information you need is great, but experience is the best way to learn. However, the best available advice you can get is from other moms and dads who have also tried and tested a hundred different methods. They have the honest tips that you can really use!

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