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New Pattern Range For Baby Food Freezer Tray Inspired By Orla Kiely 

Tutti Bimbi

You might have noticed that a few weeks ago we introduced new colours and patterns available in our Baby Food Freezer Tray. The funky update to our flagship product in our line of baby item comes following the success of our newest product, 100% Bamboo Reusable Baby Wipes, and is inspired by the work of London designer, Orla Kiely.

Tutti Bimbi's Baby Food Freezer Tray

Originally, our Baby Food Freezer Tray was only available in apple green with a transparent silicone lid that had on it our Tutti Bimbi logo. We only had the tray in one colour option, as it was our first product, so we thought we would keep it simple! Luckily, you all loved the Tutti Bimbi baby food storage tray just as much as we did, and we decided to release a second product.

Organic Bamboo Reusable Baby Wipes


Our second product available through our online Tutti Bimbi store is our Reusable Baby Wipes made from 100% Organic Bamboo. Designed to keep with our running theme of making meal times easier for mummies and daddies, our Bamboo reusable baby wipes are naturally soft, absorbent and hypoallergenic, and can be washed with other baby items in the washing machine and reused day in and day out to save our customers money on disposable wipes and reduce each family’s ecological footprint.


Our reusable baby wipes come in packs of six, in cutesy baby tones of pink and purple. We’re pleased to see that our lovely customers are loving the bamboo reusable baby wipes and making the switch from disposable. But we not only strive to provide great, high quality products for our customers, we also decided we want to give you more choice, add a pop of colour to your kitchen and develop a common theme within our product line of useful parenting and baby items.


Our New Orla Kiely Influence

Orla Kiely is one of our favourite designers here at Tutti Bimbi, we love her home ware and fashion items, and had the idea to use her patterns to inspire and influence our expanding range of products. Our newly released options of our Baby Food Freezer Tray are apple green and a playful hot pink, and have cute Orla-inspired patterns on the transparent lid. The lids have quirky apple and pear doodles on the print, but still have enough clear space for you to write the contents of the storage tray on the transparent silicone.

Thank You For Buying Our Baby Food Freezer Tray and Reusable Baby Wipes


We have been and continue to be over the moon with just how much you, our customers, are loving our Baby Food Freezer Tray and our 100% Bamboo Reusable Wash Cloth Baby Wipes. Here at Tutti Bimbi, we hope to continue releasing organic, safe, high quality and useful parenting/baby products in the near future that you and your families can enjoy.


Thanks for choosing Tutti Bimbi Baby Products!

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