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Our New Weaning Kit Bundle

Tutti Bimbi

Thanks to our lovely customer reviews and feedback, we’ve been lucky enough to find out just how much you have loved our Baby Food Freezer Tray. We do agree, there’s nothing out there just quite like it! Storing baby food finally got some recognition that we think it deserved, and our flagship product has been helping parents everyday to be as safe, clean and organized as possible with the weaning of their little ones.


After speaking to many members of our Tutti Bimbi family, our customers, we thought long and hard about how we could make having one of our Baby Food Freezer Trays even more special. And then it hit us; make it the best gift of all! As parents, our most helpful parenting advice and tips come from other parents, and we think that this is why our storage tray has been so successful. The word of mouth from one mummy to another is not only appreciated, it is cherished. How else would we discover these useful new creations that save us time, money, and mess!?


So, we would like to announce that we will soon be introducing a Weaning Kit into our range of baby products. The kit will come as a bundle, including one of our colourful Baby Food Freezer Trays, 2 heat measuring baby spoons for feeding times, and our very popular and very helpful eBook Weaning & The Wonderful World Of Baby Food: Tutti Bimbi’s Complete Guide To Weaning.


Our six-part Weaning Guide eBook has been written for mothers by mothers to help them through the weaning process. With tried and tested methods and the facts and recommendations behind them, our simple and straightforward guide will ease mummy and baby into weaning and solid foods. The when, how, why, where and what’s of weaning are all covered in the book, with free, useful downloadables along the way to help parents get organized.


The Baby Food Freezer Tray bundle is designed to be the perfect gift box for baby showers and birthdays, so that our lovely customers can pass on the gift of optimum feeding safety, time saving, organization, and straightforward home cooking to their mummy and daddy friends.


Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media pages; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, for the launch- Tutti Bimbi’s Weaning Kit will be available to buy very soon!

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