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Tutti Bimbi & Brainwave: Why We Are Supporting This Great Organization

Tutti Bimbi

Tutti Bimbi has recently teamed up with a UK charity called Brainwave, and we are pleased to announce that when you purchase from us you will also be helping this fantastic children’s organisation. A proportion of our profits will now be donated to brilliant Brainwave to support their work, so I thought I would inform you a little bit about why we are so passionate about this charity in particular.

In September 2010, my husband and I welcomed our first born, Holly, into the world. Holly was such a gorgeous little baby, but as the months went by we started noticing that Holly wasn’t hitting those little milestones that are so exciting in the first couple of years of a baby’s life. Holly wasn’t making eye contact with us, or beginning to pull herself up, roll or crawl. We couldn’t engage Holly in playing with us easily or to hold her bottle or spoon, and she started making small seizure-like movements.

It wasn’t until Holly was almost 18 months, and I was pregnant with my second child, that we found out what exactly was hindering Holly’s development. After many, many hospital appointments and referrals, the doctors tested Holly for a rare genetic condition, and it came to light that she was born Microdeletion Syndrome 2q23.1.

It was a relief to finally know why Holly wasn’t having a healthy development and a regular childhood. Yet, it was only the beginning of our journey of finding the best treatment and therapies for Holly. This is because the syndrome is extremely rare, and with a small amount of known cases worldwide, there isn’t an exact offering of sure-fire treatments and therapies to get Holly on track with other children her age.

Luckily, we found the Brainwave organization in the UK. This wonderful children’s charity dedicates itself to helping kids with disabilities and additional needs. Throughout Brainwave’s three centres in the UK (Somerset, Essex and Warrington) and with the hard work and commitment of their brilliant therapy teams, they work with the child and his or her family to improve mobility, communication skills, motor skills, and learning potential through an innovative range of educational and physical therapies.


Every 6 months we attend a Brainwave centre in Somerset with Holly, where we discuss her progression and continually develop her unique therapy program, in which we implement into our everyday lives. This not only gives us morning and afternoon sessions of therapy to do with Holly every single day, but also helps us to monitor all levels of her progression to understand how we can help Holly further develop and unlock her potential.

Holly is turning 5 this month, and we have been using Brainwave’s fantastic daily therapies and management ideas for around three years, and we never could have imagined how far Holly would come. Along with the companionship of her intelligent, playful and mischievous little sister, Brainwave’s advice, guidance and therapy sessions have helped Holly to grow into a smiley, happy and sociable five year old.

Holly playing with her little sister

We are overjoyed at Holly’s whirlwind changes in the past 3 years, as Holly now talks in four to five word sentences, communicates what she wants, walks, runs, plays with all of her toys and interacts with other children at school. We’ve been able to begin potty training, learn things such as colours and animals, and make a huge improvement on emotional self-management and understanding. Holly wouldn’t have been able to achieve all of this without the fantastic guidance and support we’ve received from Brainwave.

You can read more about The Brainwave Centre at and if you’d like to donate more to their great cause, then you can click here to their JustGiving page.

Jo x

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