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Nutritious Mummy Blog Begins!

Nutritious Mummy Blog

As you know, Tutti Bimbi has been going for just over a year and the enthusiasm we are seeing for the products, recipes and guides is amazing!  
Therefore I am beginning a new chapter in my life by studying to become a Nutritional Therapist whilst challenging myself to design create ways to feed my family healthy 'brain food' meals which are scrummy and full of flavour.

The Challenge:
To find the ultimate range of meals, snacks and breakfasts for toddlers and the whole family that are packed with the highest nutrition but so scrummy they love it!  They have to be TODDLER PROOF and who best to test them on than my amazingly fussy 3 year old!

I thought I would begin this Nutritious Mummy blog.  My interest in nutrition has always been there - I'm lucky that my own mum has always had an interest in it and now I am a mum too it suddenly feels a lot more important to me than it used to.  However, it has also developed from learning about ways to help my eldest daughter, Holly.

Holly, who is 4, has a rare genetic syndrome which means her development is delayed in all areas. However, early on I was lucky enough to find a small clinic which specialises in exercises to help develop the brain and strengthen parts which are needing more or less stimulation.  I have found this fascinating. For example when we spun her anti-clockwise on a chair it would stimulate a part of her brain that helps her to calm and focus, who would have known that?  The clinic also immediately addressed the issue of diet and the importance of proteins and fats for Holly to eat for breakfast, and also of course the essential fats.  What I also didn't realise is that you also need other supplements to help your body best absorb the omegas. So my girls now have fish fingers, eggs and even sausages for breakfast to give them those proteins and fats to start the day. 

So my plan is to detail some of the interesting things I learn as I begin a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and how it is going to affect us as a family, whilst designing and tweaking easy everyday recipes that are perfect for the family and packed full of nutrition.    At the moment I feel like we're pretty healthy, although there is a lot we need to improve on.  I also have the added challenge of making these meals 'Izzy proof' as she is the ultimate food critic and extremely fussy at the ripe old age of 3!  I will let you know these recipes as we go and so far I'm having great success!

I hope you will get something useful from reading this - maybe some ideas about new recipes for your little one but also a little insight and inspiration into how to optimise baby and family meals for nutrition.  I'm all about finding the tricks and little changes to get that extra nutritional boost into my family's meals - and if they don't even know all the better!

My main mission now is to find a healthy but easy alternative to Izzy's favourite snack - Nutella on 'fluffy' white bread. Off we go!

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  • Emma on

    Well Done Tutti Bimbi, getting into the habit of healthy eating is SO important, I fully approve your proactive work with this!

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