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For our customers who have recently bought from us, or have signed up to our Tutti Bimbi Club, then hopefully you have taken advantage of our free Weaning Guides. We currently offer two options for our EBook Weaning & The Wonderful World Of Baby Food. The full 30-page EBook complete with lots of handy downloadables is available as a part of our Tutti Bimbi Baby Weaning Kit available on Amazon, and a shorter version Quick & Easy Guide To Weaning is available for free download when you sign up to our members club on our website. 

The Weaning & The Wonderful World Of Baby Food e-Guide offers step-by-step information about when and which foods you should be introducing to your little one safely, with bonus charts and other downloads to help you stay organised. It includes lots of useful information about purée feeding, baby-led weaning and cooking for your baby to optimize nutrition. Our aim with writing these e-Guides was that we could answer the questions new parents face when it comes to weaning and give you more confidence during the weaning phase. 

Following the success of our weaning e-Guides and the lovely feedback we have had from our fab customers, we are planning to create to really useful baby and toddler nutrition guides. As a parent, especially with our first child, we worried a lot over the diet we were providing and spent a lot of tie consulting with our GP about the best way to develop a nutritional diet suitable at different stages of our little one growing into a toddler.

And now, after two children and now studying towards becoming a qualified nutritionist, I want to write helpful books for other parents to help them to plan and provide a nourishing, nutrient-packed, yet baby-friendly, diet essential for good health and growth for their little ones.

It’s important to us at Tutti Bimbi that our e-Guides aren’t forgetting to answer any crucial questions, or missing out any information that you think would be extremely helpful for parents wanting to better their children’s diets. The comment section of this blog post is open for discussion about our upcoming baby and toddler nutrition guides, so feel free to get in touch about any particular subjects you would like to see covered in the books, or you can email us at [email protected] or leave a message on our contact page.

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