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A Day in the Life of a Tutti Bimbi Washcloth

How many baby wipes would we save if we used reusable washcloths all day instead of baby wipes with our kids?

I spent the day with my 2 daughters and baby, and took 2 Tutti Bimbi organic bamboo washcloths with me in the Tutti Bimbi small wet bag.

We washed our faces when we woke, wiped our faces after meals.  Cleaned up chocolate cake, paint, ice cream, mud but to name a few things!  I can't believe how much we did actually use them.

When we got home we counted how many baby wipes we would have used if we didn't use the washcloths, it would have been over 30!  In one day!

Also the kids really loved using the washcloths, they are so soft and effective at cleaning that they wanted to clean their hands and faces with them.  Also no chemicals and perfumes involved.

Watch the video above to find out what we did!


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