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5 Stars! - Jol
"I feel like this product was designed specifically for me! For years i have been looking for a way to meal prep for my child without having to carry multiple containers. This does the trick for me! The material used for this product is high quality, it has bacteria resistant, BPA free, Toxin free, and Phthalates free. My biggest concern is having the best quality food for my child and this includes making sure no toxin or chemicals leaks in my baby's food. The silicone material is flexible and easy to clean after using. I am in love with the color! The neon colors give it an extra edge on my baby's food containers plus the temperature sensitive spoons are amazing! I generally don't heat up my baby's food too hot buts its great for those moms that microwave food. The portions are extremely helpful. Anything I feel like adding gives a perfect portion for my baby plus the easy seal lid is great too. I would recommend this to any mom who is looking for a high quality feeding product for their baby."