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About Us

Who We Are

Tutti Bimbi was born from one mum’s desire to try to be more organized in everyday parenting but also to create something that will help other parents too by sourcing and developing high quality products that solve real problems.  Read here to find out more about how Jo started Tutti Bimbi.


 Illustration by Sophie Ruffieux

Nowadays Tutti Bimbi comprises of a few friends who have also share the same issues and passion to help others.  We are based between both the UK and Italy, and although we only set up shop in July 2014, we are growing fast.


As parents ourselves, we’ve lived through the moments of complete distress when you have so much to do, and don’t know where to start, or even have time to start. How do you find the perfect balance of spending quality time with your babies, keeping up with chores and running errands, and making time for yourself? That alone is hard enough, but what we found even harder is trying to enforce a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Maintaining your beliefs about good, homemade food and environmentally friendly behaviour can be a challenge, when it is in opposition to all of the ‘cheap, quick and easy’ branded options on the market.
We would all like to think that being a parent is easy, fun and stress-free. But any parent reading this knows very well that the words ‘parent’ and ‘stress-free’ do not belong in the same sentence!

But constantly feeding your little ones from the bland and branded store-bought menu and discovering nasty secrets about innocent-looking products when you finally read the label, can often leave you feeling guilt-ridden and full of worry for not fulfilling your own parental ideals, when all you really wanted was a simple alternative.

 Which is why we decided to find our own solutions by sourcing and developing useful products that we are proud to introduce to other mothers. Lo and behold, Tutti Bimbi was born!


At Tutti Bimbi we are passionate about promoting good health, living harmoniously with the Earth and making parenting straightforward and more exciting for all of us! Our products have to be something that we would use ourselves as mothers, so they will always be:

  • Made from the most baby-friendly, high quality materials
  • A great solution for making parenting tasks simple, easier and more enjoyable
  • Facilitate a healthy and organic lifestyle for the whole family


If you would like to find out more about Tutti Bimbi or our products, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]